Our plan to help restore the rainforest.

"We believe big changes start with small actions that don’t compromise one’s lifestyle and habits."
Sam & Alex, Co-Founders

Thoughtful even when choosing our causes.

More than just tree we need to do more to help.

For the community

Rainforest around the world are home to local communities who have a singular mission: to preserve the beauty of nature. These invested communities face a great problem however; compared to big corporations and governments in favour of deforestation, their resources are minimal. Insufficient to be part of the conversation. By reinvesting in local communities, we are in a better shape to give them a voice. To help them protect their home, our forests and our wildlife.

For the wildlife

Did you know that over 50% of the world’s animal species live in rainforests around the globe? These stunning, unique and intriguing creatures that encapsulate the beauty of nature and our world’s history need our help. We need to protect their home.

For humans

It is well known: rainforests are the lungs of the planet. We must not see deforestation as an action without consequences – causing harm to our rainforests means causing harm to every human on Earth. We must work hand in hand, for the well-being of humanity.

The Watch That Gives Extra Back.

The Rainforest Trust is not the only cause close to our hearts.

Giving Back To A Cause That's Important To Us

Make A Wish Come True.

We want our product to be as good as our values.

The first B-Corp Watch Company

Being a B Corp certified company, we are always extremely proud to show a proof of our efforts.

Devoted to sustainability

From the moment Solios was created, we vowed to never compromise between innovation, elegance and sustainability.