The premium solar watch with the lowest environmental impact. 

Say goodbye to cheap materials, dead batteries and loud design.

Elegance is all in the details.

No battery changes.

Wear it to recharge it! You get 6 months of charge after only 2 hours of exposure to light.

Lasts 30+ years.

Our solar movement will outlast quartz watches, retaining more than 80% of its charging capacity for over 30 years. 

Kinder materials.

Made from sustainable materials like recycled stainless steel and PU-free vegan leather, with ionic plating to prevent chemical spills.

Nothing to hide.

As the first certified B Corp watch company, we're committed to ethical, durable, and positive impact business practices.

Easy style with easily interchangeable straps.

THE sustainable solar watch for 11,000+ satisfied customers.

"Great watch, even better customer service"

Kent K.

"Hip, Clean and Green!"

Anna O.

"Beautiful, timeless & sustainable, great product"

Steph B.

Your solar questions answered!

Are solar powered watches worth it?

Solar watches are the best of both worlds: you get the accuracy of quartz, and like automatic watches, you don’t have to change batteries.

How many years will a solar watch last?

Our solar powered movement will retain more than 80% of its charging capacity for over 30 years. 

Are solar watches better than quartz?

Of course! Same accuracy, better durability, what’s not to love?

Can I charge without the sun?

To charge your solar watch, you simply must wear it. Your Solios watch will recharge itself with either natural or artificial light. Only 2 hours of exposure to light will completely recharge your watch.

What are the cons of a solar watch?

It might outlast you?

Join us on our journey to eliminate single-use batteries from the watchmaking industry.

Always charged.