The Solar Curve Mini

White Dial - Silver Case
Made for smaller wrists
Never change a battery
Track seconds
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Introducing the Solar Curve Mini: Embrace elegance and sustainability with Solios' latest solar-powered timepiece. Crafted with the same commitment to sustainability and style as its 40mm counterpart, the Solar Curve 32mm features a sleek, curved case that seamlessly fits your wrist's contours. 

Protected by scratch and shock-resistant domed sapphire crystal, its prominent seconds hand and strategically positioned crown at 4 o'clock blend practicality with elegance. Constructed from certified recycled stainless steel, the 8.8mm case houses a powerful solar-powered movement, offering 6 months of power reserve with just 2 hours of sunlight exposure—no battery replacement, no hassle. 

Join us in our mission. For every product sold, Solios donates 1% to restore the rainforest . Make a bold statement with the Solar Curve Mini in Rose Gold—where style meets conscience.

Product Specs

Movement: Quartz Solar Powered
Power Reserve: 6 months
Rechargeable: With natural and artificial light
Glass: Domed Sapphire Crystal
Case: Certified Recycled Stainless steel
Case Thickness: 8.8mm
Crown position: 4 o'clock
Lugs (and strap) Width: 12mm
Lug to lug: 37.0mm
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Strap: Easily interchangeable

Warranty , Returns & Shipping

You can try a Solios at home and return it to us for free, no questions asked. As long as the watch is returned in the same conditions, we will pay for shipping. Free Express Shipping Worldwide. Free 30 days Return. Each watch comes with a warranty of 36 months from the date of purchase on our website. It is an additional 12 to 24 months from most companies in our price range. Solios Watches warrants that their watch will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. During this period, the watch movement will be repaired, or the watch will be replaced (at the sole discretion of Solios Watches) free of charges if it proves to be defective in the material or workmanship under normal usage. This limited warranty does not cover straps, plating, scratches, or any damage arising from normal wear, accidents, or misuse, or from water infiltration, any alteration, service, or repair performed by any party other than Solios Watches.

Join us on our journey to eliminate single-use batteries from the watchmaking industry.

Ticking Seconds Hand

Track vital signs with precision using our ticking seconds hand. Ideal for professionals like nurses and flight crew, ensuring accurate readings when every second counts.

Endless power.

Tired of constantly having to change your watch battery? So are we. This is why we’ve crafted a watch that will have 6 months of energy reserve after only 2 hours of exposure to light. You can charge it over and over for decades.

Scratch, shock & water resistant.

An atmospheric pressure-resistant case of 5 ATM, topped by a sapphire crystal for great resistance to shocks and scratches.

Endless styles.

Since we adopted a solar technology that allows your watch to properly function for decades, we needed to match this watch with a truly timeless design thsat can evolve with time. Make way for technical, clean lines and easily interchageables straps.

Kinder materials.

Made from sustainable materials like recycled stainless steel, PU-free vegan leather, or even ionic metal plating to prevent chemical spills.

Nothing to hide.

As the first certified B Corporation in the watch industry, we strive to make every aspect of our business ethical, durable and impactful - in a positive way.

1% to help protect & restore the rainforest.

How can we help?


Got questions on solar? We're here to help!

How does it charge?

You simply have to wear it. Your Solios will recharge by itself with either natural or artificial light. Only 2 hours of exposure to light will completely recharge your watch.

What happens during winter?

Your Solios has a 6 months power reserve. Enough to sleep your way through winter. In case you need extra power, your watch can charge with artificial light.

How long does it last?

A lifetime. After 30 years, your Solios will still have 80% of its charging capacity. We’ve created a watch that will remain by your side for ever and won’t ask for extra batteries.

Why is it sustainable?

Promoting renewable energy while eliminating the production of extra toxic batteries. On average, a watch battery will last 2 years. Your Solios will eliminate 20+ batterie over its lifecycle and will also reduce overconsumption.