The Mini Solar; same signature look, now in mini!

The Mini Solar; same signature look, now in mini!

Over the past year, many of you have expressed interest in a smaller watch that would fit a delicate wrist. We read, listened and took notes, lots of notes. Just the right amount of them to understand what your needs are in order to find the perfect solution. At Solios, when you confide in us, rest assured that we listen with the most attentive ear.

Fast forward on the new watch ideation and design process, this brings us to April 25th, the launch of the Mini Solar, a 29mm diameter watch that, we are sure, will fit your wrist perfectly.

Mini Solar watch with rose gold strap
Mini Solar with rose gold strap

Why a smaller model?

Once we launched our first model, we quickly realized that many people were faced with an obstacle when it came to shopping for a new watch; most were too large.

Following this realization and after talking to many of you, we wanted to improve the watch buying experience for those with more delicate wrists. That's where we got the idea to work on a model similar to the Solar, but in a smaller size.

By creating this new watch format, we can meet the needs of more people, which in turn allows us to offer a more inclusive product.

What are the differences compared to the Solar model?

The major difference of the Mini Solar is of course the diameter of its dial, which is smaller than that one of the Solar. Indeed, the case of the Mini is 29mm while the Solar is offered in 36mm and 40mm.

Also, although the Mini offers the signature Solios look, the design of the watch has been updated and is slightly more minimalist, mainly due to the small size of the watch. We have also changed the proportion between the dial diameter and the width of the straps, making the overall experience of wearing it much more comfortable for smaller wrists.

For the moment, it is important to note that the Mini Solar's dial is only offered in white, unlike the Solar's which is offered in black or white.

Otherwise, just like the Solar, the Mini is solar powered. No need to buy batteries; your watch only needs a few moments of exposure to sunlight or artificial light to be recharged. As we like to say, your watch will last a lifetime!

Mini Solar watch

What are the materials used to make this watch?

You will be delighted to know that the Mini Solar is the first Solios watch made with 100% certified recycled stainless steel. This means that all the metal parts of the watch are made of a recycled material that is infinitely recyclable.

As for the straps, they are always available in two materials, either steel mesh or vegan leather made with silicone, free of PU, PVC, and toxic by-products.

Mini Solar made from certified recycled stainless steel
Mini Solar made from certified recycled steel

What colors are available?

Like the Solar, the Mini is offered in the classic Solios color scheme; the vegan leather is available in black, brown, and green while the mesh is available in silver, rose gold and black.

On top of the Solios classics, for the creation of this new model, we also explored new colors : grey and white leather straps. These two colors are exclusive to the Mini.

For the time being, the Mini will be offered with a white dial in a silver or rose gold casing. Perfect for any combination of our straps listed above.

How do I get the Mini Solar?

The 1st edition of the Mini Solar is offered with a special edition packaging, 1st edition engraving and in limited quantities (only 100 bundles available). The Mini will be available very soon on our website.